Tommy Robinson, Hero dishing Out Hope

accident action danger emergency
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accident action danger emergency
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I watched the entire live feed which Tommy Robinson maintained on Friday, 25th May, outside the Leeds courts. He was some 45 minutes into his brave stance to shed some light on this horrific epidemic of Asian Muslim men gang-raping children when, out of the blue, he was arrested for ‘breaching the peace’. But there was no breach of the peace. As Tommy Robinson has been treated like nothing more than a right wing hooligan by the UK media, I was actually pretty impressed at how he handled himself, despite aggression and abusive language about his mother, by each of the Pakistani-origin, Muslim males arriving for the hearing on their charges of the grooming, drugging, raping and prostituting of children in Huddersfield.

On his live feed, Tommy only stated facts and did not swear or even attempt to touch the shoulder of one of these abusive Muslim men… though one of them did touch him and there was aggressive yelling at him and as I mentioned, insults relating to his mother were repeated again and again by cohorts of these Asian males. But despite his restraint under such provocation, how come he was arrested for ‘breach of the peace’? In fact, surely, if here has been some concerned citizens about, those police should have have been subjected to citizen’s arrests, for their ‘breach of the peace’.

The fact is, Tommy Robinson conducted himself admirably. He kept to his goal of coming up all the way form Luton, to stand outside the Leeds courts, all to highlight the truth of what is going on in the U.K. There was no other media there. Why not? If some film star changes her hairstyle or the Queen dons a different coloured hat, out come the paparazzi to take photographs and there are many comments, articles, chats which take up our mental and physical space. Yet, these kinds of court cases are barely reported in the media. Jayne Senior made many valiant efforts to get the police and social services to stop the abuse of girls in Rotherham (read her book, ‘Broken and Betrayed’). Check out how she was sacked for her concern and integrity. As one whistleblower to another, I give her respect !

Anne Cryer, the M.P for Keighley tried to get this issue addressed by police and Parliament from 2002 onwards. In an article in the Guardian dated 30 August 2014, she said, ‘If only I had known what was going on in Rotherham, I would have had a better understanding of the widespread nature of the problem but it was all kept under wraps”. So the media has been complicit in maintaining a silence that has enabled these vicious men to continue their crimes against children. Why has the existence of these rape gangs been kept ‘under wraps?’

We could say, that for years and years, there has been a blanket of silence while underneath, intense blue flames of the most vicious emotional, physical and sexual abuse have been allowed to burn these young girls to their very bones and scorch their families. For decades, such girls have been blamed for the crimes perpetrated by adult Muslim males and everyone responsible for the rule of law has looked the other way. Religious leaders, social workers, teachers, reporters and the police – all of them, with only a tiny few, honourable exceptions, looked the other way.

In fact one young man, passing by the courts, showed that he too, sat on the fence on this matter, and yelled to Tommy, ‘It’s got nothing to do with you’. He strode past, aggressive and dismissive. Tommy turned to his viewers, appealing to our conscience in the way that few if any of the moral philosophers in the modern era have done. ” If young white girls, as young as 11, are being groomed and gang-raped, then it is everything to do with me, as an Englishman, to protect them, to try to stop this from happening”. Or words to that effect… you can check out the newsfeed yourself, here I’m giving the gist of what he said.

Tommy touched, in his direct, no messing way, the heart of what it means to be human, rather than a narcissistic bystander or a psychopath. The cowardly bystanders and psychopaths whether politicians, police or social workers, and many ‘members of the public’, are all basically, looking out for Number 1. In contrast, of course, there are many people who do extend their circle of concern to care about their friends, their parents, their partner, their offspring, their siblings, Aunties, Uncles, cousins, neighbours, the friends of friends and the neighbours of neighbours etc. That’s how we humans form communities. And it is by people learning from each other’s life experiences and maybe growing towards some common purpose, beyond survival and material well-being that people actually fulfil their potential and thrive.

Well, are there such communities in the U.K? It is some 35 years after Mrs Thatcher told us there is no such thing as society, only individuals, following their ‘survival of the fittest’ instincts. And how Western societies have become divided, people are isolated, alienated, medicated to their eye-balls, as they are anxious, fear-filled and mostly, minding their own business, trying to keep their jobs, so they can pay their mortgage or rent, and buy food for their families, and have one holiday abroad each year and download the latest movies on Netflix to watch during their ‘free’ time. Too many children are emotionally starved even if both parents are at home after working long hours. Hey, they need to relax, not ‘do’ childcare. . And so too often, each kid in their own room is also ‘relaxing’. Then there are the young girls from broken homes, with single mothers stretched to breaking point… and these girls, in emotional turmoil, perhaps shifting from one foster family to another, or one children’s home to another, who, hungry for some attention, for some sense of belonging, get targeted by these gangs of Muslim males. Because this is what these revolting groups of males have developed expertise in: how to spot those lonely, isolated young white girls, hungry for attention and a sense of belonging.

A fact even more rarely exposed than the the systematic exploitation of white girls, is the victimisation of any lone girl or woman by these types of Muslim males. A Sikh or Hindu girl, an isolated rebellious woman from the Muslim families who perhaps like me, rejected having an arranged marriage – we are all fair game (see my previous post). Being alone, being vulnerable, being too trusting, all makes us fair game. Where are the Tommy Robinson’s, the Ali’s and Harbans, and Pataks of the other communities in which girls and women are being systematically targeted? Oh, I forgot, there are no such communities. There are just shams, their ‘religious’ festivals and rites reduced to occasions for showing off status and wealth. We have only careerists hell-bent on acquiring stashes of cash and fancy cars. We have bleary-eyed students hell-bent on gaining that medical degree or qualifications in Law, I.T and Accountancy. See, they have lost that spark of divinity, the Eye that sees the I in the Other, and comes out fighting to protect. Yes, as every whistleblower proves, that recognition of a shared humanity, sparks a sense of responsibility, of connection, of accountability and efforts to expose wrongdoing by predators and parasites in the human fold.

Such whistleblowers, such firefighters, are the people who are the salt of the earth, warriors for truth and justice. So, let me declare, that Tommy Robinson is my brother, more than any Muslim males I know. He’s a brother in trouble, so I will be making my way to Hull jail, to raise my voice in his defence. Let’s go, warriors for truth and justice!

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Published by Yasmin Alam
A feminist and social activist, a person of colour, living and working in the perennially ‘hostile environment’ in and out of educational institutions in the war-exporting U.K, I refuse to compliance with the forces that seek to exploit and degrade. I make art, build community, and speak out to share suppressed knowledge and hidden experiences so that Global majority people are no longer marginalised. We take centre stage to build communities to resist the powers that exploit people of colour and nature around the world. View all posts by Yasmin Alam

accident action danger emergency
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